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Hold up smart communication in your company through VoIP gateway system!

A VoIP PBX or voice over IP gateway is a PBX that works internally with the IP protocol. In this way, it uses the data communications infrastructure (LAN and WAN) to perform its functions. VoIP PBXs can therefore connect to public VoIP services, but they also have the ability to work with conventional analog or digital (ISDN) telephone lines. These characteristics give VoIP phones advantages at a functional level and also at the level of costs, both investment and maintenance.

A VoIP gateway or VoIP telephone System decomposes the conversation and puts the bits in IP packets at the edge of the network for transmission over the IP network. Hence it is important and useful for all firms to make use of VoIP PBX. Another advantage of VoIP telephony is that it allows companies to have an upgrade path to VoIP or operate in a mixed environment with the gateway as a translator.

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